Affiliate Groups

epiphany ZEN center

The epiphany ZEN center is a Sangha devoted to meditation and Zen study and practice located in Sebring Florida.  They meet every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm at 3115 Hope Street in Sebring. They are hosted at the Emmanuel United Church of Christ at the fellowship building in the zendo room.  The resident teacher is Rev. David Astor Sensei, an OEB Priest.   Contact info: email is or by phone at 443-994-3551.


Flowing River Ch’an Group
Long Island, New York

Mountain & Clouds Hermitage 

Kawartha Lakes Meditation Group is located in picturesque Lindsay, Ontario. We are dedicated to the teaching and practice of meditation and mindfulness in a secular, modern environment. We explore how to live a life of integration, free from the stresses of worry, anxiety and fear. We support each other in the application of these lessons to our daily life.  The resident teacher is the Rev. Jim Kearse Sensei,  an OEB Priest.

For information



Dharma Winds Zen Sangha

 Dharma Winds Zen Sangha/Order Zen de HsuYun (DWZS/OZHY) is a European Zen Priory of a community of French speaking group of hermitages whoes members are recognized as affiliated with OEB as established in the transmitting bond between Venerable Rev. Shi Yao Xin and Venerable Rev. David Shen-Xi Astor Sensei as Dharma brothers.

DWZS/OZHY is firstly an official ordination platform of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun – ZBOHY ( in Europe.

 The Linji/YunMen Chan Lineage of Grand Master HsuYun and Fo Yuan Shakya, through the masters of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (founded by Venerable Jy Din Shakya), is the Primary Lineage of DWZS/OZHY, in which all Shi Yao Xin’s fully ordained Zen Priests are ordained.

in addition, a Zen/Ch’an Lineage affiliation is honered through the relationship Ven. Ryugen Fisher Sensei as Dharma Heir of both Soyu Matsuoka Roshi and Holmes Welch Sensei  has in the root lineage of the Prior General of OEB, Venerable Rev. Shi Shen-Xi through his root teacher Venerable Eubanks Sensei, and as such, an honorary Lineage of DWZS/OZHY in which all DWZS novices (priests in training or Yunshui) recognize during their ordination.  This honorary relationship was created when Shi Shen-Xi of OEB and Shi Yao Xin of DWZS recognized eachother as Dharma Holders in their respective Orders through a transmission ceremony held in 2016.

While this unique recognition between these two ancient Zen linages is not a binding form of lineage Dharma Transmission as such, it is however, to honor the actions enacted between OEB and DWZS’s leadership that did join them individually and in unity of ideals as Dharma brothers.



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