OEB Founder


The Venerable Rev. David Shen-Xi Astor, Sensei 沉 曦 (Xi-Ken 曦肯 OPB, Shi Qian-Xi 乾曦 DWZS) Senior OEB Chaplain & Spiritual Advisor. Venerable David Shen-Xi Sensei founded the Order of Engaged Buddhists in 2014 with the unique intent for providing a contemporary Buddhist structure that focuses on training teachers that are prepared to serve their communities as Clerics in a wide capacity of interests depending on their current and prior acidemic interests and  qualifications.

He leads the Order from his Chapter House in Florida as Senior Teacher & Spiritual Director with the help of the other senior leaders of the Order.  In addition, he is the Resident Teacher of the Epiphany ZEN Center in Sebring Florida.

In addition to his community work, his time is spent in research, international teaching and writing, as well as pastoral duties as an Interfaith Chaplain. David Sensei is a member of the Inter-faith Conference of Washington D.C.



PB Cover Art Final(1)David Xi-Ken Astor is author of Pragmatic Buddhism: Reflecting Contemporary  Vitality 

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