2014 Shukke Tokudo Ordination Ceremony

It is our great pleasure to announce the Shukke Tokudo novitiate ordination of Jin-Deng Kenna that took place in Long Island, New York attended by the EDIG Sangha on March 22. This ordination ceremony was a culmination of almost two years of Jin-Deng’s formal training and discernment. Venerable Xi-Ken Sensei, OEB Prior General, was the presiding priest. All of OEB’s ordinations are performed in a public setting so all have an opportunity to witness the intent and consent of taking Bodhisattva Vows and the importance of a social ministry for engaging the Dharma together.

We would like to thank Venerable D. Kengaku Zezulinski the Abbot-heir of the Clear Mountain Zen Center for attending which is an excellent example of how the Buddhist community comes together in support of sharing the Dharma Path, and the recognition of the importance of the social-self. This connection continues to strengthen the bond we share together between our two monastic communities.

We have posted a few of the pictures from the ordination in the gallery on the left. Just click on one of the pictures to scroll through the collection.

I bow in respect to Jin-Deng’s accomplishments and look forward to our continued training together.

/\ Xi-Ken Shi

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