What Does Buddhism Mean To You?

By: David Xi-Ken Astor

I get ask frequently to explain the basics of Buddhism. This is normal for a teacher and Buddhist monk. I’m use to it. But it is never an easy question, because I don’t have easy answers. When I’m ask, I try to quickly determine what the person “really” wants to hear. What is their perception? Because you see, everyone has some sort of idea of what they think Buddhism may be. After all, Buddhism has been in the West, and especially in America, for over a century now. Words like Zen, Tibetan, Dalai Lama, mindful meditation, karma, rebirth, and causality have been in the English language for quite awhile. Not to mention the iconic images of the Buddha. Buddhism is not a foreign word. It is one of those words that you think you know what it is until you are ask to explain it.

For years now I and my dharma brother, Wayne Ren-Cheng Shi, have been at this task as is evidenced in our effort on our EDIG site, my teaching here on this site, in our public speaking, our interfaith outreach, and our published works. We work hard each day to help others to understand Buddhist thought and practice. We learn much along the way that nourishes our own practice too.

Now it is your turn to give us feedback by posting a comment in a few sentences of what Buddhism means to you. We are most anxious to hear from you as we get energy from our readers open dialogue. If you have personal questions, or wish to speak privately, you may email me directly at orderengagedbuhhdists@gmail.com.

We don’t get many comments posted on this site although we have many subscribers.  We would really like to hear from you as it gives us a chance to know what your interests are and how we may offer teachings that address your interests and concerns.

Thank you, and I send positive thoughts your way.

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