Message On The Corona Virus From The OEB Prior General

Members and friends of The Order of Engaged Buddhists,

Throughout time people have experienced events that have gone on to define them or the generation in which they belong too.  We could be experiencing one of those events now ourselves.  The speed with which the Corona Virus has spread across the world is something no one was prepared for.  How this will shape and define us as a people remains to be seen.
As Buddhists we subscribe to the concept that we are all interconnected and interdependent on one another.  So with that in mind can we take anything positive from this pandemic?   My hope is that perhaps as a society this will help us to all reconnect.  As we have more time at home it gives the chance to reconnect with our family and stop the hustle and bustle that seems to become common place in our lives now.  Reconnect with our communities as we consider the plight of small business, and restaurants and the workers that make all of that possible, now sitting idle with no income.  Support those that are trying to keep their doors open by offering take out and delivery services.  

We spend almost all of adult lives working.  40,50,60 hours a week.  But how much time should one really have to spend at work in order to have a good life outside of it?   My challenge to you during these stressful times is to take this opportunity to find ways to check back into truly living life, instead of just work, work and more work.     Reconnect with yourself, your family, your friends and what is truly important in your life.   Remember what it means to be human, to be connected, to slow down and smell the proverbial roses.

The universe is in constant change and this virus will too soon pass away giving rise to something else.  Embrace this time, embrace the change, embrace the unfolding and ask yourself the question….What if….?
I shall keep all of you in my thoughts as we face this uncertain time together.
Ven. Brian Shen-Jin
Prior General

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