EDIG Affiliate


The Engaged Dharma Insight Group (EDIG) was founded in 2010 by Wayne Ren-Cheng Shi and David Xi-Ken Sensei, both Dharma Brothers sharing the same ordaining lineage, for the purpose of establishing a Buddhist lay training organization providing access to teachers for those that have no access to a Buddhist center in their area.  The objective was to use contemporary communication technology to facilitate the training experience.   Skype, Second Life’s Buddha Center platforms, printed/published material, as well as an active teaching website was utilized to meet the mission of EDIG.  Its Buddhist tradition reflected the founders  Ch’an and Soto Zen lineage and training, with an unique American pragmatic perspective.  EDIG’s student community and out reach has become international in scope.  In addition, the teaching efforts have resulted in meditation centers being established and staffed by EDIG teachers.

OEB’s connection with EDIG is through Xi-Ken Sensei, the prior of OEB.  Students of EDIG that wish to explore a formal training practice and monastic experience are encouraged to consider if OEB is the best path to follow.  In addition, OEB monks may be ask to become teachers and spiritual directors of an EDIG Center, as OEB does not intend to establish such facilities as they are a monastic resident community.  EDIG is responsible for all structured  lay training, where OEB is responsible for monastic formation.  This is the primary distinction between our affiliate organization and the Order.   EDIG’s web site is http://www.engageddharma.com

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